Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Geico Commercial - Weight Loss Between a Guy & Teen Girls

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If you have overheard the TV or even listened to commercials on the radio in the last decade you are probably familiar with Geico's rhetorical comments regarding everything related to life's bizarre circumtances. And yesterday's Super Bowl Geico Commercial was no different.

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In the commercial a mid-life man goes on a quest to loose a few pounds. He hires three of teenage girls to follow him around and when he's about to take a bite out of strawberry covered waffles, cheeseburgers and more, the teenage girls appear with "Eeewh so gross." Pretty funny really.

Maybe this will start a new teenage profession, motivational coaching via eewhs and OMGs!

Video: Super Bowl Geico Commercial - Teen Girls --eewh seriously sooo gross!

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